Maybe I could see the future when I wrote that post on Language and Travel. In any event, it turns out that preparing for a move abroad cuts down on my ability to post anything on either of my blogs…so I’ll see you in July or August 🙂


Thinking About E-Readers

Copyright, scholarly communication, ebooks, textbooks…we’re putting together an e-reader bar, so I suppose it makes sense that my focus is where it is at the moment.

International Music Score Library Project Raises Concerns (NYT)

Free ‘Video Book’ From Academic Press Challenges Limits of Scholarship (Chronicle)

New sites for Kindle readers to ‘Lendle’ to each other (Guardian)

Apple Tightens Rule on E-Book App Developers (NYT)

Nevada Econ Professor Incorporates YouTube into Textbook (Nevada News)

Language and Travel

My Midlife French Lessons (The Chronicle – subscription required): As a faculty member and occasional Spanish literature student (at the upper-division undergrad level), I enjoyed this.

Postcard from Venice: Notes from a Study-Abroad Librarian (Duke University): My dream project…with one of our programs in Spain or Latin America, though.

Welcome 2011

For Minorities, New ‘Digital Divide’ Seen (Washington Post)

Old-Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills (NPR) [this article is about kids and play, but it would have interesting implications for LIS folks I know who research play and creativity in the workplace]

Colleges Weigh How to Estimate Cost to Families (Chronicle)

Cherokee, Apple Partner to Put Language on iPhones (Yahoo/AP)

Tuesday Links

The Shadow Scholar (The Chronicle)

Students Finally Wake Up To Facebook Privacy Issues (ars technica)

Wikilobbying (Colbert Report)

Diversify Diversity: Remembering Gay Students in Recruiting (The Chronicle)


CUNY Social Network Mixes Scholarship with Facebook-Style Friendship, from the Chronicle

Managing E-Resources for Users, 100%, from ACRLog

Make Life Easier: Ask a Librarian, from the Huffington Post

Some Links…

Long-Form Journalism Starts a New Chapter (Guardian)

10 Myths About Legacy Preferences in College Admissions (Chronicle)

On Wikipedia, Cultural Patrimony, and Historiography (BookTwo)