About Me

Well hello. At this point I am afraid this is less of a blog, and more of a static Internet home…

I’m a librarian, outdoorsy girl, photographer, traveler, adult third-culture kid, immigrant, politics-and-news nerd, and lifelong learner. I speak English, Spanish, (rusty) Japanese, and am learning Italian. My research-related and professional interests include: millennial-generation students and multimedia production, the mass incarceration of the Japanese American community, community and alternative media (particularly with regards to peacebuilding and conflict resolution), third-culture kids’ information needs, media justice and equitable access to information, and global library and information literacy issues. I’ve actually written about the first two, and am exploring ways to take my research in new directions (that’s where all the rest come in).

I’m interested in writing about LIS issues and policy, rather than about my professional life or workplace…but just to be clear, all opinions expressed here are mine alone and have nothing to do with my employer.

Twitter: Madeline Mundt

Flickr: Madeline Mundt

LinkedIn: Madeline Mundt

My Semi-Abandoned Photography Blog: Photography by Madeline Mundt


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